TechnoTutor has been absolutely incredible for me and my family.

Sam Levy TechnoTutor Review TestimonialSince getting Techno Tutor my daughter (6) has started writing letters all on her own, my 3 year old almost nonverbal son now talks in sentences and is starting to recognize letters, and my two year old sleeps so much better which was a major struggle for a long time here.

Techno Tutor has helped me communicate more clearly with my husband, it has helped me gain more self-awareness, and help me along the way of self-responsibility which has been a long fought battle for me.

Along with improving my mindset I’ve noticed reading out loud has become easier.

For a while I was a little flustered with the monotony of constantly reading the same definitions over and over but I came to find out that is what helped me become more proficient in my reading out loud.

I have more confidence with the words than I would have before.Techno Tutor has been the best investment for our family and I am forever grateful!

Samantha L
New Brunswick, Canada