Jalen Narciso Testimonial for TechnoTutor

When I first spoked to Mitch in October of 2021 I was flat broke and hadn’t had a car since I was homeless in 2018.

I had liquidated $50,000 from my crypto earnings and put it all into my music thinking that I would somehow hit the luck shot and become famous.

Little did I know about the natural learning ability and how it closes at age 7, so by the time we’re adults, our base level of programming is fixed and difficult to change.

The primary reason I wasn’t able to get to the next level was because my programming was that of an employee and not of an entrepreneur.

After Mitch introduced me to TechnoTutor and I used it, I was able to stabilize myself emotionally, which led to financial stability where I was able to buy my own car and made over 6 figures in 2022. Furthermore, using the tools, I was able to get my music onto syndicated radio (SiriusXM, iHeartRadio), achieve #1 on the college radio charts across the entire United States, and was featured on prominent music publications.

While those were stellar accomplishments, the greatest benefit that I’ve received from using the tools is that my life and the music I create, has a real purpose now.

From consistently using the tools everyday for 2 years, my life has gotten exponentially better where I recently got into a relationship with my girlfriend after having been single since 2014.

Just goes to show, change your programming, change your life.

Jalen Narciso

California, USA