Adam A TechnoTutor Review Testimonial

Thanks to TechnoTutor my thought speed and ability to process information has gone up considerable amount.

Before TT, I had to force myself to read every day. It was like swimming upstream because when I would read I would have trouble paying attention, I would have a very challenging time processing the information, and I would read and then subsequently forget most of the information I would read about.

After doing over 90% of lesson 1, I have noticed huge improvements. Particularly, in my reading.

When I read, I am now able to process much more of the information. I understand more of what I read. This has resulted in me being able to increase the amount of pages I read everyday. I absolutely hate reading 1 page per day. Now, I can easily read 20 pages per day.

Another massive benefit is when I read, I actually remember what I read about! I am better able to internalize the information I’m reading and henceforth, apply it to my life. I notice, throughout the day, the concepts, strategies and skills that I read about pop into my mind when I need to apply them. This is amazing because knowledge is power, but only if you use it and remember it!

Finally, for the first time in my life, I notice that I’m actually having downloads. I know this is a direct result of my thought-speed increasing from TT. Prior to this, I would try to think about something, and I would get “stuck” and simply give up hard thinking. Now, when I have a question, I am able to think about it and the answer shows up!

This has been incredibly beneficial because in GIN, we have to internalize the basic concepts. Now that I am able to process the information from the basic books and ask myself questions and subsequently receive the answers, I have been able to finally internalize so much more of the GIN concepts, to the point where they are becoming things that are a “knowingness”

All of a sudden I am surrounded by people who have closed large business deals upwards of $3B.

This is the level I want to be at.

Adam A
San Diego, CA